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Stop Illegals and their Illegal Voting

Illegal immigration is out of hand. It is flooding our working-class job market and violating the right of our citizens to work American jobs. Furthermore, it is diminishing the status of America as a sovereign nation, merging us with Mexico. America can't be a holding tank for the poor. The world is full of poor people and we only have limited room and resources. 
Illegal immigration is such a preferred option to Mexicans because Mexico is overrun with poverty.  The most effective way to slow down the process is to make Mexico a better place to live. I think that we should invade Mexico and setup a capitalist neutral zone along the northern edge of the country, stretching to about 100 miles south of the border. America would setup a safe area for Mexicans to flourish in capitalist activity. Unlike other countries we invade, in which we generally cause more poverty, we will give Mexicans the same labor laws, wage regulations, and social programs that Americans have access to. As a nation, we should be leading other nations as to how to provide a higher standard of living for their people.
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